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Einstein on the Beach in 2009?

The New York Sun today reported in their interview with incoming General Manager of the New York City Opera Gérard Mortier, that : "The 2009-2010 season — which
will be Mr. Mortier’s first fully in residence, since for the next two
years he is finishing his tenure as director of the Paris National
Opera — will be devoted to 20th-century works. It will open, as he has
said before, with Stravinsky’s "The Rake’s Progress," and will include
two other icons of American opera: Philip Glass’s "Einstein on the
Beach," which hasn’t been seen in New York since 1976, when it had only
two performances at the Metropolitan Opera House…"

Of course this last part is inaccurate as Einstein on the Beach was revived at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in 1984 and again in 1992.  All said, it is long overdue for a full revival.  In the meantime of course we have the Carnegie Hall concert in December of "Music from Einstein on the Beach" by Philip Glass and The Philip Glass Ensemble.  There was previous rumor that NYCO would be mounting the NY premiere of Waiting for the Barbarians (who knows, maybe that will happen to at some point?), but no one is going to argue with an Einstein revival (save maybe its (still) living detractors).  Satyagraha of course is headed to the Met in the Spring of 2008….is some theater not obligated to complete the trilogy in 2010?  Alas, Akhnaten hasn’t been seen in New York since 1985 at the same NYC Opera which will be doing Einstein in 2009.

On page 3 of the article it also states that Philip Glass will be writing a new opera for City Opera. We have three more weeks till his latest work is unveiled.

6 thoughts on “Einstein on the Beach in 2009?”

  1. I saw ‘Einstein…’ once performed live in Berlin some years ago (not by the P.G. Ensemble). But I’ll fly over to NYC if these plans come true!
    Also looking for a DVD of VCR recording…! 🙂

  2. With this revival in 2012 is it not time to right a great wrong and record a full audio and visual live performace of Einstin ?!!!!
    The arguement against it put forward by the composer himself simply does not hold water (with all due respect Mr Glass)…. NOW IS SURELY THE TIME !!!!!

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