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Einstein World Tour 2012


Pomegranate Arts announced today a world tour of Einstein on the Beach produced by the original authors Robert Wilson and Philip Glass. The production be in Toronto, Monpellier France, London, New York (Brooklyn), Ann Arbor, and Berkeley California before wrapping up the year long tour in Amsterdam.

From the press release Glass states:

“For Bob and me, the 2012-13 revival of Einstein on the Beach will be a most significant event, since in all likelihood, this will be the last time that we will be together and able to work on the piece. For audiences, few of whom have experienced Einstein apart from audio recordings, this tour will be a chance finally to see this seminal work."

This is the real thing folks.  A fully staged revival of Einstein on the Beach for the first time in 20 years.  It's about time. 

12 thoughts on “Einstein World Tour 2012”

  1. Terrific news! Too bad I have to wait more than a year ’till Einstein comes to Amsterdam. A well, plenty to look forward to: The Witches of Venice in April in Amsterdam!

  2. I saw Einstein at BAM in 1984 and at Bobigny (Paris) in 1992. This time it MUST be preserved on a DVD/ Blu-ray.
    I think the Museum of Contemporary Art is the best bet for a Chicago presenter.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful news!
    I just grieve that it will be nowhere near me at any point in time :[
    But hopefully, hopefully it will be filmed much in the way that Kepler was.

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