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ENO’s Akhnaten: In Review

4 thoughts on “ENO’s Akhnaten: In Review”

  1. Here is my wishlist :
    Einstein in Paris (already broadcast), Satyagraha at the MET (already broadcast) and Akhnaten in London, all in one dvd set. The complete trilogy. Cause among all the Glass’ fans only a few are able to see a live performance. And it’s a shame.Please OMM make it possible.

  2. OMM always has everything in mind. If the Met or Paris were able to be released commercially they would be. On the other hand I dont think Akhnaten is being filmed. But for those who like the production itll be in Los Angeles next fall.

  3. I went to a performance of Akhnaten at the London Coliseum last night. Excellent production, set and costumes! I’ve listened to the original Sony recording many times.
    In 2010 I went to a performance of Satyagraha and 2013, UK premiere opening night of The Perfect American.
    I hope a new recording of Akhnaten on CD will be released one day.

  4. Easily the best reviewed performance of a Glass opera I’ve seen. And it’s deserved – it’s an absolutely cracking production.
    BBC Radio 3 are broadcasting is towards the end of the month, I think.

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