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Etude No.14 is now live at iTunes! Glass
As part of the ongoing series of pre-releasing tracks from the Second Book of the Complete Piano Etudes by Philip Glass, OMM and iTunes present Étude No.14, a world premiere recording.
Etude No.11 was released on Tuesday October 21. Two tracks a week from Book 2 will be released each week leading up to the full album release on Nov.25th
Philip Glass: The Complete Piano Etudes by Maki Namekawa :

2 thoughts on “Etude No.14 is now live at iTunes!”

  1. I really love the relaxed lyricism of that piece!
    I had the good fortune to hear the whole set when Maki Namekawa, Dennis Russell Davies and Philip himself presented it in Duisburg back in July.
    I remember very much enjoying Maki Namekawa’s interpretation. She brings a great energy and precision to the pieces, and I’m happy that she is featured on the new recording.
    (Two of the new etudes I already knew as „A Musical Portrait of Chuck Close“. There’s a recording by Bruce Levingston that I quite enjoyed.)
    I’m looking forward to getting the full album.

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