glass notes
Events March – April

As I look at the performance calendar a couple things catch my eye.  Beyond the obvious run of Satyagraha performances, I see a very rare performance of Concerto Grosso in Colorado Springs on March 13.  At the end of March/beginning of April Philip Glass does a short solo piano tour of the Pacific Northwest.  Also at the end of March, on the 27th, for all the Philip Glass fans in Malta you can go hear the Malta Philharmonic perform Symphony No.8!  (What I wouldn't give to hear another live performance of that).  April 11th, catch the NY PREMIERE of Glassworks with Michael Riesman and Signal, and later that month Dennis Russell Davies who has just started a new Music Directorship in Basel Switzerland dusts off the ol' Tirol Concerto (having done Glass Symphony No.2 there last week). April 21, the indefatigable Smith Quartet does the complete Glass string quartets in London, and in The Hague the world premiere performances of Glass' new Double Concerto for Violin and Cello premieres at the Netherlands Dance Theater set to a new ballet by Sol LeónMaria Bachmann and Wendy Sutter will be soloists.  Heading into May we have the European premiere of Koyaanisqatsi with the Bergen Philharmonic but I'll write again at that time as there are quite a few more performance highlights to talk about then.

Philip Glass' music is performed live almost every day somewhere in the world. Check out the calendar to find performances near you.

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