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10 thoughts on “Fall Release”

  1. Oh no! I hope it’s been cleaned up. The coughing, sneezing and spluttering is awful. I think this piece is fantastic but I cant listen to the live radio broadcast because of the noisy audience.

  2. I’ll take your word for this Richard. OMM’s quality has been very high so far so I trust they know what they are doing.
    And love the cover. Very spiffy.

  3. I’m drooling over this.
    Richard: do you know when the Sonata for Violin and Piano will be released?
    And what about the fairly recent piece for the PGE (with a title in Spanish, if I remember right), which I remember reading has already been recorded in studio?

  4. Esteban,
    I expect the Violin Sonata will be available before years end. Its a really beautiful piece. And los Paisajes del Rio for the PGE was recorded the year before last in the studio. However, there are no imminent plans to release it.

  5. Dear Maestro Glass, What a great piece of music “your four seasons” played by R McDuffie himself with Venice Baroque Orchestra in Santa Fe, NM., ? how lucky am I to be able to listen to it alive ? Until I am able to get the CD, I am listening to your music on line. I enjoy them all, specially ” The witches of Venice”. Why ? The music pulls me in. Thank you & do keep composing more, please. Much, elizabeth

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