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Finalement! The Labèques’ Minimalist Dreamhouse

Minimalist Dreamhouse - Labeque Sisters
finally got my hands on one of these, the Katia and Marielle Labèques three-disc collection of minimal music called MINIMALIST DREAMHOUSE including their interpretation and second available recording of FOUR MOVEMENTS FOR TWO PIANOS.  The pianists were half of the team which recently brought TWO MOVEMENTS FOR FOUR PIANOS to life last month at the Piano Festival Ruhr – the commissioners of "Four Movements" as well.  They have been committed champions of 'Four Movements' ever since they got their hands on it about a year and a half ago and this recording shows off their commitment and mastery of the piece.  They will next play "Four Movements" in Toronto on August 1.

(video ends with the Glass work)

Minimalist Dream House – Katia & Marielle… by citedelamusique

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  1. Sounds interesting, great to hear them do ‘Pyramid Song’ too; I love that song!
    Nice to see you’ve updated your ‘Other News’ sidebar, listing the recordings released each year, as well!

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