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First Listen: ‘REWORK_Philip Glass Remixed’


Listen to REWORK_Philip Glass Remixed:

REWORK_Philip Glass Remixed usually meets somewhere in
the middle between calming ambient pieces and kinetic electronic
contraptions, with a frequent emphasis on pastiche that suits both its
subject and its highest-profile guest participants. Beck, for example, stitches together more than 20 Glass works in as many minutes, living up to his stated desire to present a distillation of the composer's entire career as a continuum;….

The New York Times spoke with Philip Glass & Beck this weekend.



1 thought on “First Listen: ‘REWORK_Philip Glass Remixed’”

  1. Okay, so far, my favourite track is probably ‘Opening’ (Cornelius); it’s perhaps the least “remixed”, but I think it really enhances the meditative quality of the original.

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