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In the end the performance of Koyaanisqatsi at the Hollywood Bowl was a huge success.  Here are a couple of reviews from the LA Times and Variety.  There's mounting evidence that the LA Philharmonic is the only happnin' orchestra in the country.
The performance itself was great. There were a couple of hairy moments when you wondered if the orchestra and ensemble were going to be able to stop on a dime at precisely the right moment.  Riesman managed this well hitting most of his spots well, and that tension actually added to the joy of having the music played live.
The crowd of over 9,000 was appreciative and enthusiastic, and it also appeared as if the orchestra greatly enjoyed themselves.  I spoke with Reggio before the concert about how now, almost 28 years after its creation, Koyaanisqatsi can almost be seen as main stream. He didn't go that far as to agree with me, but certainly one can see the film's "message" as being something more appreciable by our current world financial crisis, the environmental movement, and the cynicism of our age.It was a great concert.
I made it home on Friday night to attend the US premiere of Four Movements for Two Pianos on Saturday as part of the Lincoln Center Festival.  It was the last piece on the program (by pianists Davies and Namekawa) which included works by Stravinsky, Reich, and Chen Yi.  The Glass piece got a mlong standing ovation and this review from the NY Times.

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  1. Bring this concert to NYC! I guarantee you’ll pack this house with the all the Glass fans around here… Powaqqatsi in Prospect Park last summer just wasn’t enough! =(

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