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Free Download from OMM!

As a gift this holiday season OMM is making available a free download of a live acoustic version "Raising the Sail."  In the OMM Newsletter it reads:

In the late 1990’s the Philip Glass Ensemble had arranged a European tour in which there was not enough time for the group to transport its considerable gear from city to city. To compensate, they agreed to play 3 performances "unplugged" in which they played classic PGE repertoire acoustically.  Until now, only those who attended those shows had ever heard this music performed in such a way.  Orange Mountain Music is pleased to offer this free download of "Raising the Sail" from the Truman Show performed by Philip Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble in Gmuden Austria.

For any issues downloading the track & instructions click here.


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  1. Hello: my name is Juan Carlos Villavicencio, I’m from Chile (South America) and I have written a book of poems based in the music of Philip Glass for The Hours. I wish to know if you can help me to know where can i send the paperscript to him or if you have some more direct e-mail to write to him. I will aprecciate very much if you can help me.
    Best regards for you.
    Juan Carlos Villavicencio

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