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Glass Chamber Players Land

Glass Chamber Players
Here they are on iTunes Classical's front page.  You have to read this guy Boolez's reviews. He HATES Glass.  It's very funny. I can't imagine how frustrated he/she must be. The best part is that I have this reviewing war going on with him because he waits till the moment records are released just to write a bad review. So I have to fight back and I encourage you to do the same.

His people are exactly why people were driven from concert halls en masse: they were fleeing from the music AND its champions.  It is part of why classical music became the joke that it is today (and I love classical music!).

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  1. I am a huge Glass fan, and not a Schoenberg fan at all. But in this case, I think that OMM did a mistake: Verklärte Nacht is a great piece, and although I haven’t heard it yet, I assume that this Glass piece pales in comparison. On the other hand, who would have thought 40 or even 30 years ago to see Glass and Schoenberg share a CD (come to think about it, who imagined a compact disc 40 years ago…). The last time those two composers ‘met’, was when Glass inserted a 12 tone line to part 12 of music in 12 parts, and that was more in the spirit of dancing on the grave of serialism.

  2. I think the Sextet will compare just fine, actually.
    That said, I too found the pairing of Glass and Schoenberg to be, well, surprisng (and quite funny too – I never thought I’d see the day…).
    That said, it all makes sense, escpecially considering the pieces choses, and I have to say that I really applaud the pairing. Good job, thinking outside the box, guys and can’t wait to hear how you sound for myself.
    This also reminds, it seems like in the past couple of years Glass’s String Quartet #1 was rediscovered and with yet another recording on the horizon I have to ask, how does Glass himself feel about it? Is he ready to accept it into his “canon”, so to speak, or is it still too different to get there?
    Any ideas?
    I only ask because, personally, I think it’s terrific. The guy “had it” all along.
    P.S. Glass beat Boolez in the BBC’s visionaries contest. I think this fact speaks for itself.

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