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Glass Operas 2016 & 2017

With 22 productions of Glass operas in 2016 and 2017, be sure to catch one near you:

Upcoming Opera Productions 2017: January: Les Enfants Terribles (Royal Opera House London); The Trial (Scottish Opera Glasgow); March:  The Juniper Tree (Oklahoma City); The Perfect American (American Prem. Long Beach Opera) April: La Belle et la Bete (New York with PGE); Hydrogen Jukebox (Binghampton, NY); The Perfect American (Chicago Opera Theater); Einstein on the Beach (Dortmund, Germany); Satyagraha (Basel, Switzerland); May:  Les Enfants Terribles (San Francisco);

Recent Opera Productions 2016: February: Satyagraha (Oldenburg Germany); March: Akhnaten (London ENO); April: Witches of Venice (Palermo Italy); May: Hydrogen Jukebox (Fullerton, CA); In the Penal Colony (Chicago, IL); July: Witches of Venice (Saratoga  Springs, NY); Galileo Galilei (Iowa); September: Satyagraha (Stockholm, Sweden); October:  Hydrogen Jukebox (Boston, MA); Satyagraha, Act2 (The Hague); November: Akhnaten (Los Angeles Opera); The Juniper Tree (Delaware)

2 thoughts on “Glass Operas 2016 & 2017”

  1. Akhenaten is on my bucket list. I would love to be apprised of any hint of a performance here in the US it would be easier on my health if there were a record of any performance. I just cannot believe that there is no hi-def /UHD video recording of this anywhere.

    1. You may have seen the recent announcement that Akhnaten will be done at the Metropolitan Opera in 2019. This is the same production that was done at the English National Opera and recently with the Los Angeles Opera. It was highly acclaimed and won an Olivier Award and starred Anthony Roth Costanzo.

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