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Glass & Steel – Koyaanisqatsiville USA (update)

A few weeks back I was on my way to Pennsylvania and soon after crossing the mighty Delaware, we took a detour to see incredible Bethlehem Pennsylvania.  So reminiscent is it of some distant decayed past, a certain era which called for another way of living, a friend remarked that the PGE should perform in one of these abandoned buildings.  Laughing, I said that I know that they once performed in an empty train station (la gare d’Orsay in Paris).  Little did I know that there was actually a strong Glass connection to this hallowed place.  This may be common knowledge to some, but I knew about Glass’ day jobs as a cab driver, a plumber, artist assistant, etc. I was truly shocked to learn from a 2001 UK interview: "After college, Glass went back to Baltimore and spent six months working as a crane operator at the Bethlehem steel mills to earn money for his postgraduate studies." Photos by proud Pennsylvania native Ryan Connolly – As it turns out there is another Bethlehem Steel Mill in Sparrow Point Maryland, near Bal’more, which I’m guessing is that one at which Glass worked.Bethlehem

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