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Grass Roots Documentary, 2008 style…

There's this news from the Hollywood Reporter, that Scott Hicks documentary, GLASS: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts" is in the final fifteen documentaries being considered for the Academy Award. 
This is a new day in America, Yes We Can, go out and tell all your friends to see this movie. If Standard Operating Procedure and Religulous made over $10 Million each, we have a long way to go, Yes We Can.
This is not recognition for recognition's sake. It's actually a quite well made film and a labor of love for the director.  I can't think of a better subject. The more people who see the movie, the more people who might become intrigued by the music, including the two most prominent works we see born in the film, Waiting for the Barbarians and Symphony No.8.
I haven't held out hope in the past (Kundun, The Hours, Notes on a Scandal) for Glass' Oscar hopes, but something tells me that this year, Yes We Can.

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