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Juvenilia: Hall of Fame Free Download

Flutist Nina Perlove has a new recording of the Glass "Serenade for Solo Flute" – a piece composed way back when, before Philip Glass was Philip Glass.  This piece dates from the post-Juilliard pre-Boulanger period when Glass was working as composer-in-residence in the Pittsburgh School System (imagine what a fit such a position would cause today in the current American political climate.)  The work bears no ressemblance to Glass' mature music.

The nine-minute work sounds very much like the other extant pieces from that period which pop up from time to time like Arioso No.2 for strings.  All of Glass' music predating the mid-1960s the composer disavows.  This piece is not my personal cup of tea but it's very interesting all the same.

For the free download, go to:
In the top left box for download code, enter: HallofFameGlass

In the coming days, one of the tracks by Brooklyn Rider from their recent album will also be added to this in celebration of Glass being inducted into the Classical Music Hall of Fame.

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  1. I want to comment on “Serenade for Solo Flute” both because I really enjoyed it and because I find the fact that it’s among Glass’ dismissed works interesting. The man has the good taste to compose it but not to keep it :).
    What strikes me as being most intesting about this piece, that depsite being pre-minimalist/professional it sounds like something Glass could have composed soemthing similar even now, albeit for a different instrument. Imagine this being played on a Cello and it would sound not unlike certain moments in his recent Cello works 🙂 . At least to me.
    Cute piece.

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