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Huffington Post: Philip Glass to Cinematic Sufis

"Few names raise eyebrows in the music world as Philip Glass. A constant innovator and diverse composer, the man's work ranges from the obscure to well-known and beloved projects, most of those in the broader public eye thanks to film scores, including the highly influential Koyaanisqatsi and the award winning composition created for The Truman Show.  String quartet Brooklyn Rider pulls from one of his lesser known cinematic works, Bent, a beloved theatrical piece focused on three homosexual men fighting persecution in pre-Nazi Germany turned into a film in 1997"… continue reading at the Huffington Post or go to the Colbuffington Repost

And more about the Brooklyn Rider's new Philip Glass release at All Music

May 2011is looking to be an interesting month Glass-wise in NYC.  Brooklyn Rider will be playing a show at Nublu and a couple days later the Heroes Symphony will have its NY Premiere(!) at the Society for Ethical Culture as part of Wordless Music.  If you happen to be in Zurich, you'll be treated to their Philip Glass Festival including performances by Glass on solo piano, chamber music with Tim Fain, a film music program with Michael Riesman leading the Zurich Chamber Orchestra, and a performance of Glass' Kafka opera "In the Penal Colony".

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