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Interview 1983 – and Review of “Belle” from SF

A very interesting interview from Japan back in 1983 when Glass was still making a name for himself.  My favorite comment is about how the classical music people gave him such sh#t that he basically walked away.  To this day, I still believe Glass' music lives clearly in the realm of art music, very closely parallel to the classical tradition yet apart.  Things haven't change for him much in that way 30 years later.  Glass cites Verdi and his critics, Verdi was reported to say "No one cares about my music except the public." 

And the SF Examiner reviews Philip Glass' LA BELLE ET LA BETE which had its first of three performances last night.

2 thoughts on “Interview 1983 – and Review of “Belle” from SF”

  1. Great stuff!
    I love the comment Glass makes, as a siren is heard passing by in the street; “Sounds like me, doesn’t it?”

  2. That’s a nice review of La Belle Et La Bete.
    I have the Criterion Collection DVD release with
    Glass’ opera score.
    And yes the music and visualization is like the story being told to a child too!

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