glass notes
Kronos continues its pilgrimage


“Some people say that Phil has been writing the same piece over and
over, but they couldn’t be more wrong,” Harrington said. “This man is 76
years old and he’s been writing new pieces for more than 60 years. In
his latest quartet, he has taken a huge leap forward, stretching
harmonically and creating super-charged rhythms. For us, it’s one of the
hardest pieces we have ever played.”

Like the Kronos players,
Glass was one of the pioneers who added electronic textures to the
classical palette and who scoured non-Western music for inspiration.

has added immensely to the culture of contemporary music because he’s
open to new ideas and shares his enthusiasms with real generosity,”
Harrington said. “With Kronos and Phil, it has been a back-and-forth
relationship. He introduced us to the Gambian kora player Foday Musa
Suso and we introduced him to the Chinese pipa player Wu Man.
All of these musical explorations have enriched our palette as a
quartet – and they show up in his music, too. It has been a remarkable
relationship for all of us.”

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