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Kronos – No.7?

Less than nine months after premiering String Quartet No.6 in Vancouver in October of 2013, the Glass Kronos collaboration continues.  For these performances from June 7 to 9, Kronos will be collaborating with other people from the Glass sphere, the Netherlands Dance Theater which premiered the Glass Double Concerto for Violin and Cello in 2010 with choreographers Sol Leon and Paul Lightfoot.  For this program, there's a new piece written for Kronos, in one movement, and over 20 minutes in length. Glass' string quartets come from all over the creative world. String Quartet No.2 "Company" originated as incidental music for the Samuel Beckett play.  String Quartet No.3 came from the music to the Paul Schrader film "Mishima."  Unnumbered quartets from Dracula and the film Bent show that Glass does make some sort of distinction between published string quartets that he numbers and ones that he doesn't. 

So the question:  Is this String Quartet No.7?

"Programma V – León & Lightfoot, Kronos Quartet and Philip Glass"

NDT presents a spectacular, site specific performance for Holland Festival in Amsterdam. Five artistic voices come together in a full evening choreographical and musical journey through time. The excellent dancers of NDT 1 will be accompanied live by the world famous Kronos Quartet, which brings new and existing work of the renowned composer Philip Glass. Sol León and Paul Lightfoot design the physical dance language in their emotional, capricious dance language.

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  1. Who’s counting?
    I suppose if an Opera is defined by the fact that it is staged in an opera house, then a String Quartet is defined by the fact that it is played by a string quartet; who counts and who doesn’t? (I guess the numbers are more for those quartets that don’t bring with them their own names).

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