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LA Times Review: String Quartet No.6

Mark Swed reports:

"Convoluted inner lines weave with contrapuntal intricacy through its
three movements. There is a direct songfulness to every phrase, but
thick harmonies complicate matters. It is Glass' most difficult
(technically and emotionally) chamber work, a challenge to the players
and the listener."

4 thoughts on “LA Times Review: String Quartet No.6”

  1. Terrific piece and Kronos did a great job playing it for only the third time in concert! As usual with PG, the piece made time fly by (the 30 minutes it supposedly was in length felt like 15 at most). It was not as dark as I expected based on the articles I read. I thought it was pretty light and luminous actually. Mostly fast all the way through. It’s a great piece but my beloved VISITORS is actually heavier. Since I was in the front row, John Sherba recognized me as a hardcore Glass fan, even though this was probably the first Kronos concert I’ve attended in over a decade (not because I didn’t want to, they never seemed to come down to Florida much during my decade there).
    Did you see The Perfect American will be available on Blu-Ray on October 29th?

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