glass notes
LA Times: The perfect time for the ‘Perfect American’

From Mark Swed's piece:

"Thanks to Glass, Disney remains real and becomes meaningful. He is an imperfect man and an imperfect artist able to rise to greatness. At one point in the opera, Walt complains that he no longer owned his name, his studio did. His name is now on a concert hall that has been perhaps the biggest boon to classical music than anything else the past decade, seemingly for no better reason than that his widow gave the money to build the hall. This opera is the better reason.

Thanks to Glass as well, "Einstein" became the perfect American opera in which L.A. Opera got its moxie back after an unadventurous couple of years. Should the Disneys now rethink their objections to "Perfect American" and perhaps even sponsor an L.A. production? It makes perfect sense"

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