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Looking Glass Studios Closed for Business


The Swarm covers the closing of the Looking Glass Studios, another victim of ridiculous New York City rent cost. The studio welcomed some of the greatest the music industry has to offer in the last 17 years, and made an incredible amount of classic Philip Glass recordings.  I can't express sufficiently, the gratitude to those who have manned (and womanned) the studio over almost two decades, and for making those recordings of remarkable quality while creating a community of individuals who not only maintained an incredible level of professionalism for a very long time, but also nurtured a great environment for music lovers. They, and that sense of community will be missed.

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3 thoughts on “Looking Glass Studios Closed for Business”

  1. I wasn’t aware of that closing. Is there a chance that it could reopen somewhere else? Does it mean that there will be fewer CD releases by OMM?

  2. The closing of the studio shouldn’tn affect the operations of OMM. However, maybe the economy will! Future projects are dependent on money coming in. I read that 95% of music that is downloaded is done so illegally. As long as there continue to be some people who buy music, Orange Mountain Music will continue to be able to make records.

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