glass notes

from  Monterey County Weekly:

Opacity of Glass Visit Titillates Locals

By Walter.Ryce

February 11, 2011

About 150 people locally have received deceptively innocuous invitations tipping them off to an announcement that is sure to have a seismic impact on the local arts scene. The details are being played close to the vest right now because specifics are still being worked out, but this much is sure: Philip Glass is coming here. Philip Glass is coming here. Sorry if that sounds repetitive, but those who know of him and his minimalist classical compositions, like Einstein on the Beach, will appreciate that. He will make an announcement, personally, about what he has in store. More info is on the way, and, like the international reputation of the deliverer of this news and his hugely influential opus of his work, it's substantial. Stay tuned. I know we will.



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