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Michael Riesman’s website

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Music Director of the Philip Glass Ensemble since 1974, Michael Riesman has in recent years increased his activity as a solo pianist, conductor, and record producer.  Finally, Riesman has launched his own website,

7 thoughts on “Michael Riesman’s website”

  1. Wonderful!!
    Michael has been too ‘behind the scenes’.
    Hopefully now Michael will get the ovations he deserves, & will surprise & astound people with his accomplishments.

  2. About time. I consider myself something of Michael’s fan (and really regret not catching him when he performed in my area).
    It’s a great opportunity to find out more about the man and to give him so much deserved attention. Hope to find some info about the CD he composed and released in the 1980s (I think).

  3. Roman, one of the issues of Audio magazine in 1985 did a full review of it, LOL. Anyway, it’s been so long since I’ve heard the LP I will leave it to Riesman to describe in his words: “It’s sort of a keyboard concerto, with two extended instrumental pieces, one on each side of the record, both created as dance pieces for [choreographer] Lucinda Childs. The first side I would call a piano accompanied by an orchestra of layered synthesizers, including Emulators – basically the setup I’ve been using with the PGE. Second side is also a concerto, but the lead part is taken by synthesizer; the piano becomes a member of the orchestra. The structure was composed; the interior orchestra parts written out. The solo parts are improvised.”

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