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More on Satyagraha…

Bteno110_2 An observation: There have been both glowing reviews and some scathing for the ENO’s new Satyagraha.  The opera being 30 years old I find it curious that when Puccini’s 80 year old Turandot is performed, the reviews don’t criticize the music,  just the performance and production. I think it’s fair to say Satyagraha is a wonderful piece and has now received 27-28 years of performances.
I ask the question: Were the reviewers not prepared for what they were going to hear? In any case, for those who love this music, good reviews and bad only make us more excited when the opera comes to New York.

3 thoughts on “More on Satyagraha…”

  1. The fact that reviews simply evoke or even fudge the music itself shows that it is now fully accepted.
    Ah, New York New York… too far away from us Europeans and particularly us French.
    I hope there will be more than one concert featuring Mr. Glass’ music (and why not Mr. Glass himself) this year in France for it is an important year. By the way Maurice Ravel died 70 years ago, Jean Françaix 10 years ago and it seems that people forget them. Are we to wait for 250 years to organize special events, more concerts?
    That is really unfortunate for the twentieth century music.

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