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My Return

My apologies for having been away.  In my absence a lot has happened including a wonderful Canadian tour by Michael Riesman, Anne Manson, and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra performing and recording the two concertos from The Hours and Dracula which Riesman culled from the original Glass film scores, then contrasting the film music with Glass' Third Symphony….

There was a rare revival of 1000 Airplanes on the Roof in Scotland which was reviewed here in the Scotsman, and here in the Guardian UK;  Philip Glass is being inducted into the Classical Music Hall of Fame in Cincinnati Ohio coinciding with the beginning of his residency with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra…

And this week, the New York Times did a story called "Philip Glass, A Minimalist Maximized" on this upcoming Glass season in NYC. 

I'll be walking down the street and think to myself how excited I am to be able to hear, just in NY this season in New York, Satyagraha at the Met Opera – Music in 12 Parts in an old gigantic Armory – Koyaanisqatsi with Orchestra with the oldest orchestra in America – Symphony No.9 in the most famous concert hall in the world – and Another Look at Harmony, Part IV performed with a full chorus – and countless other smaller celebrations, then only have to wait a couple of months to hear the revival of Einstein on the Beach in Brooklyn where I live.  I'm so much looking forward to this year!

6 thoughts on “My Return”

  1. To Phillip Glass
    Three times in two weeks I see you
    Exiting the subway I want to stop
    Early morning on the side walk
    Eyes misty, hair shuffled
    In the corner deli you are famous
    Yet go unrecognized.
    We have not learned the lessons of the Greeks
    To welcome the plumber at our door
    For he exercises the lyricism of the gods
    But tonight fierce applause all around
    Memories pulled out in snippets and bits
    Then laid to rest.
    July 11, 2001 (offered ten years later…)

  2. “I can almost hear it backed by a steady stream of piano notes.”
    Well, I took it upon myself to try setting Kathleen MacQueen’s poem to music, so if she (or anyone else for that matter) would like to hear my, admittedly amateur, effort; you can contact me at and I’ll attempt to send you the mp4 (I’ve never tried this before).

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