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Naqoy Concerto commissioned

“And maverick American composer Philip Glass will direct the five-concert “Boundless Series.” The prolific composer, considered one of the most influential musicians of our time, is composing a work for the Cincinnati Symphony. The world premiere of his Cello Concerto No. 2, “Naqoyqatsi,” will honor his 75th birthday year. It is one of 10 subscription premieres. to be performed.”


2 thoughts on “Naqoy Concerto commissioned”

  1. This is major. I admit, I am a bit conflicted since Naqoyqatsi is my favorite (well, top 2) Glass score ever and I am not sure what parts of it will be altered or cut in transition. I am also, not terribly big on re-aporpirations but I guess, this is a minor concern.
    I also loved the “Tissues” part of Songs and Poems and thus remain mostly excited.
    If nothing else, I hope it forces people to seek out and to discover the amazing work that was that original score.
    I know this is unlikely but how cool would it be to have Yo-Yo Ma back on board to record and perform this peice again? That would be such an amazing treat!

  2. We will see what this yields, but I think the film never got a real audience. I actually liked it and I think it’s actually aging well. The music is great and I think between the entirety of the score and the tissues, there’s tons of music which could make the cut or be remained as a concert piece.
    I love when this happens. Thank god Michael Riesmab is still going around playing The Hours concerto and the transcriptions for piano. Otherwise this music just dies and people are left to listen to the original recording over and over and over and over. Plus Matt Haimovitz is an amazing cellist. I’m happy for the commission, the recognition from a major American orchestra, and the performers.

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