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New Opera Commission: “The Perfect American”



NEW YORK (AP) — Philip Glass has been commissioned by the New York
City Opera to compose an opera that imagines the final months in the
life of Walt Disney.

The announcement was made Monday by the opera's incoming General Manager Gerard Mortier.

opera, "The Perfect American," is based on a recent novel by the
American-born writer Peter Stephan Jungk. It will open City Opera's
2012-2013 season and honor the composer's 75th birthday.

scrapped the traditional 2008-09 season while the company's home at
Lincoln Center undergoes a $200 million renovation. Instead of staged
operas, the company is presenting concert performances around the city.

part of the 2009-10 season, City Opera will present Glass' "Einstein on
the Beach," which was first staged in New York in 1992. The season will
focus on 20th-century works.

The story of Disney in "The Perfect American" is told by a fictional Austrian cartoonist who worked for Disney in the 1940s-50s.

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  1. Wow. Philip Glass and Walt Disney in one sentence. Who would have thought? I’m very curious about this project. I can’t imagine what Glass will make of it. Should be great. As always 🙂 )
    (Talking about Disney: (well, not the man persé) Glass’ recent scores for Neverwas and Les Animaux Amoureux wouldn’t sounds displaced in a Disney movie…)

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