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2 thoughts on “NY Times Arts & Leisure Full Video”

  1. Philip Glass was, to cite one of his own references, simultaneously complex and simple throughout the interview. In addition he was informing, humble, inspirational, light-hearted, profound and extraordinarily gracious in the face of a comparatively aggressive interviewer who seemed to know little of his work. The work is what matters most, but the man’s gotta be the most engaging, sexiest 75 year old around. Hats off to the splendid, real and full life he’s lived so far.

  2. I agree with Francesca on her assessment of Philip’s contribution to that interview and the following Q % A. I think its the most complex discussion I have heard him give and whets the appetite for the memoirs.
    I wouldn’t be quite so kind about the interviewer. She was disappointing on so many counts and the jab about his three divorces was tactless, judgmental and unprofessional, to say the least.

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