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OMM 2015

With OMM's release of "A Brief History of Time" in April 2015, the company reached the catalogue number of OMM0100.  The catalogue started with OMM0003 The Music of Candyman in late-2001 (click to enlarge)

OMM Catalogue


3 thoughts on “OMM 2015”

  1. Is there any particular reason why the catalogue started with #0003?
    And where are the missing OMM numbers – 13, 55, 65, 85 and 88? I was surprised to see #00050 suddenly appear last month.

  2. There is no rhyme or reason to OMMs numbering. The company started with Candyman at OMM0003. OMM0055 is actually published by Analekta music as Portrait – Angele Dubeau et la Pieta, OMM0065 is iTunes – Live from SoHo, OMM0085 is the digital only soundtrack album O Apostolo OMM0088 is the forthcoming sixth volume from The Kitchen

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