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OMM New Release: Manitoba Chamber Orchestra – Riesman, Manson

"Two of my favorite collaborators working together"
says Philip Glass of this new album from OMM featuring the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra with its music director Anne Manson and pianist Michael Riesman.  Manson, who recently recorded the Glass opera Orphée for OMM, which was produced by long-time Glass producer and Philip Glass Ensemble Music Director Michael Riesman, asked Riesman to collaborate on a performance tour in Canada with her orchestra. 

The result is (finally) a proper recording of THE HOURS suite with Riesman on piano.  He had been the pianist on the original soundtrack recording.  The second part of the album showcases the strings of the MCO in a performance of Glass' Third Symphony.

I would have mentioned this release yesterday, the proper release date, however I was preoccupied with the Toltec Symphony at Carnegie Hall.

Here it is on iTunes and Amazon.

The Examiner is the first review of the new recording. "These are highly sensitive interpretations of Glass’ music, and Orange
Mountain Music has done a great service by making the concert at which
they were performed available as a recording."

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  1. When I get the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra recording, I’ll try and compare them.
    I’ve got the Angela Dubeau & La Pieta CD too.
    Maybe ‘proper’ as in an Orange Mountain Music recording of The Hours Suite, i’m not sure.

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