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Orphée Review: NY Sunday Times


Corey Weaver, Portland Opera

Anthony Tommasini's review of the new recording of Orphée which I think is a glowing review: "Nipping Down to Hell With Philip Glass"

Including "In 1993 I attended the premiere of Philip Glass’s opera “Orphée” at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Mass., and was unimpressed."  Then Tommasini goes on to say "I have come to consider it among Mr. Glass’s most inspired works." 

Give the review a look….

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  1. This is a beautiful live recording; the balance of the singers and orchestra approaches what could otherwise only be achieved in a studio recording! I have to say that I’m in love with the music for the 4th scene of Act I: ‘Chez Orphee’, especially the duet between Eurydice and Heurtebise with the strings skipping triplets around the sustained yearning of the woodwinds; beautiful! (I have the hots for Heurtebise!)

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