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Penal Colony/OMM on the Move

Redemption, through Glass, darkly (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Glass's acute vision of an ageless Kafka tale (The Australian)

I didn't realize recently when I saw that the Sydney Chamber Opera was performing Glass' Kafka opera "In the Penal Colony" that this was in fact the first time a Glass opera had been done in that city.  It's kind of an amazing fact considering that this year alone Glass has 14 opera productions being done all around the world.  Bravo to the Sydney Chamber Opera.  This is quite like last year when the Long Beach Opera performed Glass' "Akhnaten" – it was shocking to discover that no Glass opera had ever been done in the Los Angeles area.  Amazing.

Anyway, the reason for my sporadic posting has more to do with the endeavor to relocate the OMM offices from their original home on Broadway in NoHo (North of Houston street) where OMM was born and has lived for the 10 years of its existence (10 years! can you believe it).  To the warm confines of its new home in TriBeCa not far from the great attraction of American film history, Ghostbusters Fire Station. 

OMM on the Move

Boxes of Philip Glass CDs exposed to natural light for the first time

"Who you gonna call?"

This period of change should be over by next month. But if there's a delay in my posting, chalk it up to complications with the never easy practice of moving stuff.

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  1. I wouLd like to add a note of additional information. AKHNATEN wasn’t the first Glass opera in the Los Angeles area. In 2006, Long Beach Opera also produced Glass’dual operas SOUNDS OF A VOICE/HOTEL OF DREAMS with Suzan Hanson and Herbert Perry.

  2. Ooops. A quick correction. Glass’ opera is, of course, “The Sound (not Sounds) of a Voice.” Didn’t mean to make it plural and I am sure someone would have caught me on the error sooner or later.

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