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5 thoughts on “Philip Glass Ensemble at the Dome, Brighton”

  1. I am so thankful I had an opportunity to see Music In 12 Parts in San Francisco last year. Easily one of the best performances I’ve ever seen (of any performer). The sound was perfect in SF. It sounds like the mix may have been a little off at the Brighton show, which may have hampered the performance. I probably would have loved it anyway.

  2. Well I was there in the front row at Brighton and it was absolutely brilliant. Glass brought his own mix guys so I doubt it was off. The performance was excellent with PG really getting into it, moving around, mouthing the ‘words’ and counting intently at times. So much energy from the Ensemble, with a big smile from them all at the end as if to say ‘we did it!’. They earned a rapturous reception and a standing ovation. Fantastic.

  3. I took my 71 year old Dad (younger than PG) to see Music in 12 parts at the Brighton Dome, and he really enjoyed it. I think he is now a convert having been a bit unsure about Glass’s music before. Wayhay! Its the second time I have heard this live in my life, and this time We sat in the front row too, with our tea and sandwiches. I thought the mix was a little one sided but it didn’t matter, it was spell binding! I am now listening to it on CD which arrived today. All I can say is a big THANK YOU to Philip and the ensemble for giving me 25 years of wonderful music. It is much appreciated.
    Best regards Jake Purches, Worthing UK.

  4. Ha ha yes, I believe I was sitting next to you on the end of the row, we had a chat. Glad you both had a good time!
    Cheers, Paul (also from Worthing)

  5. ha! what an introduction to Philip Glass music. I did the same once about 10 years ago. I took a friend to a concert of 12 Parts and he had no idea what he was in for. He called it quits at the last break before the final parts. He was enjoying himself and was glad to have gone, but he couldnt do the whole thing and I dont blame him. The funny anecdote I remember from that concert was that in the singing part of Part 5, everyone in our company heard different words: one friend heard Youre wrong, Youre wrong…another friend kept hearing the name of some obscure breathmint called Zwingo or something, and another friend, the one who couldnt make it through the whole concert, heard Naughty, naughty…nowadays I cant help but hearing that too. Its too funny what the mind resorts to in the middle of a 12 parts concert.

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