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Philip Glass – Epilogue for Solo Violin







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Orange Mountain Music is proud to present violinist Chase Spruill’s recording of Philip Glass’s “Epilogue for Solo Violin.  Spruill is known for his interpretations of 20th century Minimalist music including his much lauded 2019 recording of Michael Nyman’s “Yamamoto Perpetuo.”  Responding to the turmoil of 2020, Spruill went into the recording studio in June 2020 with a singular pursuit to address the moment.

This two-minute song of sadness is from Philip Glass’s 1997 music for the film Bent. Glass composed a full orchestral score with the more intimate sections of the picture scored for string quartet. That quartet had to wait almost 15 years for publications as a concert piece and remains little known.   The published music presents seven-movements for string quartet but ends, enigmatically, with a haunting solitary violin solo.  This was the piece Spruill chose to record for this moment – “Epilogue for Solo Violin” is a singularly soulful meditation on the challenges of being alive during difficult times.

Philip Glass – Epilogue for Solo Violin – Chase Spruill

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Release Date: 12 June 2020