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Philip Glass on ABC Melbourne

aired on ABC Melbourne, chock full of interesting tidbits

– on Robert Wilson: "He talks and draws at the same time.  If you want to understand what he's saying you have to look at the drawings."

-on his upcoming book: "I'm writing a book right now called "Words Without Music which of course is a shocking idea to me…It's so much harder for the writer because they need to take something ordinary and make it special. Music is always special because it isn't what we live by.

-on hearing music all the time: "It's a kind of…it's either a liability…I don't know what it is. Half of my life is spent in that world.  My hands and feet are always feeling (rhythms).  It's a mode of existence that's very compelling."

-Does your mind ever rest? "No."

-Do you sometimes wish it would rest: "(long pause)…for me that would be like dying, wouldn't it?"

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