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Pick of the Week: 5 of 5/ Volcanos


This week I'll spare you my analysis and say very simply that I think this movement to be one of the more inspired things Glass has ever written. 

Listen to Glass String Quartet No.5, Mvt. 5

Hard to believe that the last string quartet dates from 1991!  This is probably a big part of the reason for the formation of the Glass Chamber Players.

Volcanos and Such:

The London Philharmonic performed Philip Glass new Violin Concerto No.2 "The American Four Seasons" on Saturday as the two American participants, violinist Robert McDuffie and conductor Marin Alsop apparently traveled before the volcano explosion in Iceland (and reviewed by the Telegraph).  Less fortunate appears to be the World Premiere of Glass' Double Concerto at the Netherlands Dance Theater premiere, though it will go on with other soloists, the original soloists Maria Bachmann and Wendy Sutter won't be able to travel to Holland in time for Thursday's premiere.

Speaking of Europe…if you live in London or are stranded there, you could do worse than going to hear the Smith Quartet perform the complete Glass String Quartets at Kings Place on Wed. April 21.

7 thoughts on “Pick of the Week: 5 of 5/ Volcanos”

  1. The performance of Saturday’s concert in London of the Violin Concerto No. 2 will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 (including online) at 2pm EST this Wednesday, April 21.

  2. I bought tickets for the world premiere of the Double Concerto, and was looking forward to see Wendy Sutter performing it. A well… I will get another chance when she’ll be the soloist in the Cello Concerto in Groningen on Sept. 30.
    I agree totally with you, the fifth string quartet (and especially the fifth movement) is some of the most interesting things Glass had ever written.

  3. Truly my favorite movement from my favorite work by this composer. It’s also as good an example as any to represent the pinnacle of his style, and as lyrical as anything he ever wrote.

  4. Yes, that movement (and the entire concerto too) is a definite highlight.
    That said, Glass has written better music for string instruments since.
    And am I the only one here who was really impressed by quartet #1?

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