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Pop Quiz No.2

This week's winner gets a copy of "Violin Concerto No.2 – The American Four Seasons."  Now remember, these are not always examples of Glass plaigiarisms, on the contrary, the first challenge was Mahler so that would be impossible. Rather this is an exercize in funny similarities of style, mood, harmonic coloring, or anything else I randomly decide.

Pop Quiz 2

7 thoughts on “Pop Quiz No.2”

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s by another one of my favorite film composers Bernard Herrmann – Beneath the 12 Mile Reef (and if I’m right then boy talk about obscure – but it was released as part of Film Score Monthly).

  2. I was also reminded of this track:
    Here’s another thing. It’s kind of weird how certain things seem as if they are inspired by each other, even when they are not.
    Compare this track by Saint Saens:
    With this track by Herrmann:
    With this track by Elfman:

  3. Congrats to Proman. My attention was called to the fact that I didn’t remove the meta-data so anyone could have guess this one if they had looked at the file information. I skipped my usual clipping of the file since this cue was short enough by itself. No matter, congrats to Proman and I’ll have another in short order.

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