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Pop Quiz No.3

In the late 1990s and early 2000s "minimalism" was "in."  It was sparked maybe by Don Davis' film scores for The Matrix which were stylistically postmodern and minimalist.  A lot of composers got in the act with a sort of "all I have to do is add some repeat signs?!!" bravado. 

Here is a film score by a prominent composer who used this sound specifically to portray a scary situation set in the future.  Winner, if interested, gets a copy of the program from the NY Premiere of Violin Concerto No.2 at Carnegie Hall.

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4 thoughts on “Pop Quiz No.3”

  1. This is The A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Score, by John Williams. The cue is “Abandoned in the Woods”. It’s actually
    It’s actually one of my favorite film scores, and I think it’s a brilliant score. I particularly like it. While “Abandoned” does have those repeating arpeggios, I think the use of extended percussion and repeating rhythmic motifs really channel Colin McPhee more than Glass though. Also Williams develops his melody in “Abandoned” quite bit farther than the short cells or structures of Glass’ music, although stylistically to this point one could argue that the use of sequence acts as a “minimal” device.

  2. Bravo Mike,
    Actually its both this cue and the later one, solo piano playing an ostinato in F which severely reminds me of Mad Rush. I think its clear Williams was staying au courant with what was needed for the score and in Hollywood at that moment in time. Hes a chameleon and a great composer. Send me your address in email to and you can have the program or a copy of the OMM sampler. Your choice.

  3. Funny this is that I knew what score this piece was going to be before I even listened to that sample.
    Prominent composer, near future, the setting, and the fact that “A.I.” is my favorite movie. The odd thing is that I had a notion it was going to be A.I. before I even got to those comments.
    It is a beautiful score by a truly great composer whom I finally got to see perform live just a few months ago.

  4. And a good reminder why of why I like this blog – the quality of the readers. A.I. is on my mind a lot but the ease with which Mike got it is really impressive. Congrats!

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