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Pop Quiz No.5

I love coming across this stuff.  Here we go. The winner gets a copy of Philip Glass' Violin Concerto No.2 "The American Four Seasons."  And please don't cheat. I know there's music recognition out there and I think that some of my picks have been obscure enough for people to not guess immediately. 

Merry Christmas to all…

Pop Quiz 5

9 thoughts on “Pop Quiz No.5”

  1. Turns out my guess is very uneducated, cause the music I was hearing was from a web page that I had opened for Brooklyn Rider string quartet. Upon hearing the appropriate piece now, I have to say I have no idea. But I’ll stick with my guess of H.G.

  2. A bit offtopic but I thought you might be interested in reading this, Richard (if you haven’t already).
    Looks like Philip was an insparation for Daft Punk to create the score for Tron legacy. Here a quote from here:
    “But even after a meeting during which Kosinski and the musicians discussed their mutual admiration for recording artists such as Vangelis, Philip Glass and “Tron” soundtrack composer Wendy Carlos, De Homem-Christo and Bangalter still had doubts about signing onto the project.”
    And another article here:
    They also brought up Bernard Herrmann among others.

  3. Hi Proman,
    Funny you should mention that about Philip and Tron….I definitely hear some Glass and Vangelis in the Tron Legacy soundtrack. I really enjoy it.
    Happy New Year!

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