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6 thoughts on “Project Rebirth”

  1. Could anyone let me know what Philip’s involvement with Project Rebirth is? Is he providing the music to the documentary of what looks like a really intriguing project. Thanks.

  2. Does anyone know the names of the song and singer three-quarters of the way through Rebirth? I think it was played during an aerial shot – a fairly high-pitched male voice by the sound of it. I tried to spot it in the credits but couldn’t.

  3. Hi Dee Dee,
    To answer your question, not imminently. Theres a long queue of releases which will someday receive release but unfortunately a great number of soundtracks have been put off while larger and arguably more important works get releases. Rebirth is a good one. I was listening to it the other day and I hope we can make the time in the near future to have it released. I believe the film is going to be part of the permanent installation at Ground Zero. Its a special case rather unlike a normal film which burns out quickly.

  4. Thanks, RIchard. The Rebirth soundtrack is incredibly beautiful and moving. I have a good deal of Philip Glass music which I play often (including The Hours score). This soundtrack is haunting, it touches one deeply, stayed with me for days and days. All efforts to move it up in the release queue will be greatly appreciated. I will be watching for its release. Thanks again for the response.

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