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Prom 37: Listen Live

The BBC Broadcasts Live all the Proms concerts. You can hear the Glass Symphony No.7 "Toltec" in its UK premiere along with the fantastic Gidon Kremer (above) playing the Glass Violin Concerto (No.1). Thanks to Mick for bringing this to the Glass world's attention. The concert will come on shortly after 10:00PM EST (US).

4 thoughts on “Prom 37: Listen Live”

  1. Thank you very much for letting us know.
    Now not to get too offtopic, I wanted to use this opportunity, this being a brand new news posting and ask you a few questions I’ve always wondered about?
    1. Apart from his nominations for “The Hours” and “Notes on the Scandal”, do you know if Glass was nominated for any other Grammy Awards?
    2. Call this wishful thinking (or a suggestion) but was there ever an idea for the Kronos Quartet to record the other String Quartets (I’m talking about #1 and #6 now). If not, any plan to eventually release that little known #6 in some form?
    3. I know “Dreaming Awake” is meant to be an exclusive release and I completely respect that. From what I understand, Glass vowed never to record it again. Does this also mean that it will never been released again, even after, say a decade passes?
    4. Both “Secret Window” and “Taking Lives” exist in bootleg forms on the Internet (much like Candyman did at some point). Any chance for a commercial release down the road? I’m sure quite a few people would buy the legitimate release.
    Would be nice to have a compelation of oddities from Glass’ Sesame Street and Commercial work too at some point.
    I understand that my questions probably cannot be answered definitively at this point but as a huge fan I thought I’d throw them out there ;).
    And btw, thank you so much for all of your amazing work, Richard.

  2. I was there – the Prom was ace! The symphony was hugely thrilling and the concerto every bit as graceful and rich as I hoped, though perhaps the second movement was a touch slow. Minor wuibble though. Hugely appreciative audience and great atmosphere too. Splendid.

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