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Sneak Peak at the Glass Double Concerto for Violin and Cello

Clearly a demo, but you can hear a bit of the middle movement of the new concerto.

5 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at the Glass Double Concerto for Violin and Cello”

  1. Watching this video reminded me of the question I was thinking about for quite some time:
    Glass has written great concertos for many different instruments. Has he ever considered writing one… wait for it… for an Acoustic Guitar?
    It seems to be the only major overlooked instrument in his work and apart from a couple of tracks in “Mishima” I cannot think of a single instance of him utilizing it. I do realize that Guitars are not considered classicial instruments per se, and that they tend to stand out from everything else apart from other important factors that make them different.
    That said, Richard, do you by any chance know if Glass has even thought about doing something with the instrument, even if it’s just a solo piece.
    I know it’s all very far-fetched but this fan cannot help but think that a combination of Glass+Guitars could be the sweetest thing ever.

  2. The Dublin Guitar Quartet has arranged some of Glass’ string quartets for guitar. I also believe there is a guitar transcription of the fourth Knee Play from Einstein on “Music of the Human Spirit”.
    I would be interested in an original Glass-piece for acoustic guitar.

  3. A friend of mine made a pretty cool recording of “Company II” on electric guitar. If it interests people, I’ll post it on Youtube. I’d love to hear Train 1 (from Einstein) done with electric guitars.

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