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Sunny California

The Los Angeles Times reports on upcoming Glass events. 

This many Glass performances in Southern California is an interesting development for a number of reasons.  Until the Long Beach Opera performance of a reduced version of Akhnaten three years ago, there had never been a Philip Glass opera produced in Southern California.  Combine this with the ongoing snubbing of Glass' concert works by orchestras, and one had to wait for Glass to visit locally with his ensemble or on piano. Even then, Glass didn't make his Hollywood Bowl debut until 2009 with Koyaanisqatsi and the LA Philharmonic.

It seems the floodgates have opened.  The Pacific Symphony commissioned, performed, and recorded The Passion of Ramakrishna, Robert McDuffie performed the second violin concerto with the San Diego Symphony and at Disney Hall and Orange County, the Long Beach Opera recently did The Fall of the House of Usher, the LA Philharmonic did Powaqqatsi at the Bowl in 2011 and commissioned the Ninth Symphony and did the West Coast premiere of that piece and will do a concert version of the Civil Wars next season.  LA Opera will be presenting Einstein on the Beach and as you can see from the LA Times, there's plenty of other Glass events in the pipeline in SoCal.

4 thoughts on “Sunny California”

  1. There’s a lot that has been going on in California with Glass’ music, past and present.
    The performances in May next year are sure to sell out quickly seeing as he’s popular in California.
    Well done Mr Glass! 🙂

  2. I rarely envy SoCal, but in this I do. I am quite frustrated with how little exposure Glass’s music gets here in Seattle. The Seattle Symphony hosted John Adams this past season, but no hints of playing anything from Philip.
    If not for our tiny little Kirkland Performance Center, we our Glass would have been completely empty these past few years.

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