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Ticket Winner; New Releases; Concert

Congratulations to Vlad G. on winning the tickets to the Greene Space tomorrow.

In addition to The Passion of Ramakrishna (Release Sept.4), and the Einstein on the Beach Highlight CD/DVD combo (Sept.11); OMM has made available the complete recording on Einstein from BAM live in 1984.  It’s now available on iTunes.  And as Alex mentions in the comments, it’s the longest ever released version of Einstein. 

Also of note, the soundtrack to the stop-motion animated film O
Apostolo – which has its Spanish release next week – and which features a
few original tracks by Philip Glass – has popped up on iTunes as well. 

And finally, at 8:00 pm tonight, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
in Chelsea, NYC. 346 W. 20th St, between 8th and 9th Avenues.
Christopher Lewis will perform the Glass Harpsichord Concerto
with the West Side Chamber Orchestra, under the baton of Kevin Mallon. 
Lewis is in town this week making a new recording of the concerto for

7 thoughts on “Ticket Winner; New Releases; Concert”

  1. I think the CD is a cut down version of the much longer iTunes recording. I’d suggest buying the iTunes version, it’s 25 bucks but far longer. If you’ve seen the 1985 documentary, you’ll recognize Tison Street’s violin playing and the particular sound of the ensemble’s organs. Compare this to OMM’s 2008 Music in 12 Parts live. It has a live feel to it, not to mention the constant breaks during Train for Dora Ohrenstein to catch her breath.

  2. Richard, love the unreleased collection on Q2! Awesome! John Adams has gone up on my respect meter with his version of the 9th! Love Voices for Organ and Didgeridoo- I had a recording from the broadcast on New Sounds, but it doesn’t even come close to how it sounds here! Beautiful!

  3. Now that I review it again, Sheryl Sutton can still be heard very faintly in the right channel over the men’s chorus during the Trial. Still, I wonder why her mic wasn’t working. We see it in the film that she has a headset so why is it not amplified.

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