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The Elfman-Glass connection

From NY Magazine: "And the score by Danny Elfman, often thumping and wildly percussive,
reminds us a great deal of the pulse Philip Glass’s music gave to one
of Twyla’s greatest works,
In the Upper Room."

This was from a preview of the new Twyla Tharpe ballet as reviewed in the NY Magazine.  This is Elfman’s third "concert work" as such.  In the liner notes to his first large scale "Serenada Schizophrana" , Elfman cited Philip Glass as one of his living influences.  About a year ago, Elfman presented Glass with the Frederick Loewe Award for Film Composing at The 18th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival (above photo).  The respect seems to be mutual. I ran into PG on the subway about that time last year and we chatted about Elfman. Glass mentioned the respect he has for Elfman and how sincere and gifted he is in his art.

2 thoughts on “The Elfman-Glass connection”

  1. It’s great to see Elfman doing some concert works, though his filmworks are magnificent. Maybe Glass and Elfman could collaborate on some future project?

  2. That would be really awesome, Leon!
    I’m a very big fan of both composers and I’m really glad to hear they admire each other’s work.
    I wonder… could Philip really be an Oingo Boingo fan 😉 ?

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