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The Hours for String Quintet

I appreciate the French film composer Alexandre Desplat's music including programming some for the music at my wedding.  I won't say much more on that subject but I did want to point out this recording by the the Traffic Quintet whose new recording features "The Hours", the opening track from the soundtrack arranged for quintet (There's not a lot of arranging to do on that bit as it's originally score for string orchestra), and a sizable extraction from "I'm going to Make a Cake" from The Hours, which is of course verbatim Act II, Scene 3 from Satyagraha. 

Anyway, I think in Satyagraha that that section might actually be a string section of a traditional quartet at the outset of the sections which sounds wonderfully pathetic next to the glory of the later used full orchestra.  It's an interesting thing to hear this piece in the context of a recital of sort of noir Hollywood film music loosely programmed on the theme of the divine feminine. Alas, not yet available in the US. Traffic Quintet


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