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The Magistrate

I received word this morning that baritone Richard Salter, known for his commanding role as the Magistrate in Waiting for the Barbarians, has passed away.  Salter created the role at its premiere in Erfurt Germany, as well as in Amsterdam, Austin Texas and London last year.  I was a great fan of his voice and was due to meet him in the fall.  It's quite a loss to the world of music and specifically new music.  He was known as an interpreter of new operas. So many are called on to create new roles, but few create them with the level dignity and professionalism that Richard Salter did.

(from the last scene of Waiting for the Barbarians)

Our town is beautiful
Even on the first cold day of a long winter
I have been thinking
Perhaps with the barbarians at the gate
I might begin to tell the truth
But for now
I look back on the turmoil of this year
And understand it no more than a baby
Something is here staring at me in the face
Something I cannot see
I am a man traveling down a road
Which may lead nowhere
A man lost in a cruel and stupid dream
But still I keep walking

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3 thoughts on “The Magistrate”

  1. Sorry to hear this. He did an incredible job in his performance as the Magistrate in “Barbarians”. I was lucky enough to see it in Austin, TX two years ago, and congratulated him on his terrific performance at the reception after the performance.

  2. Seeing the Barbarians with Steve and Fran was an unforgettable experience. Richard SalterĀ“s performance was exceptional. Also, as Fran got us into a rehearsal, it was clear that Salter had a very warm and generous personality (in contrast with some big egos at play), so he will indeed be missed.

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