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The NBA Playoffs, Where Shameless Rip-Offs Happen.

Jim Lange has a piece on this.

And the Bachae is coming. This Monday, I took this Photo of the advertisement for it in my local NYC subway stop.

2 thoughts on “The NBA Playoffs, Where Shameless Rip-Offs Happen.”

  1. And speaking of Glass ripoffs, what do you think of this? I wanted to share this last time you posted the ‘PG ripoff digest’ thing, but I forgot. This is a piece for piano by Swedish progressive rock band Pain of Salvation, from their album “Be”. If I remember correctly from an interview I read, the interviewer commented on the similarity to Glass’s style, and the composer of the piece, Daniel Gilndenlow said he hadn’t heard Glass’s music. If that is the case, which is very likely, then this is just a coincidental similarity.
    Great piece, though. Here is the link to a youtube clip from a DVD of a live performance.

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