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The Perfect American Premieres Tonight

Journal No.2

Video from RTVE

Photos from the production:

PerfecAm 2444

PerfecAm 2838

PerfecAm 2565

The Perfect American premieres tonight in Madrid after many years of gestation.  There's talk of this being Glass' 24th or 25th opera.  By my count and definition of what an opera is this is either no.19 or 20.  No matter.  There is much to talk about ranging from the news that the opera will be broadcast and available on DVD (and presumably on CD), and one expects directors other international opera houses attending the premiere. I anticipate that it won't be long until the opera is premiering elsewhere.


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  1. I saw the premier last night, and it is a major triumph – a work of beauty (ravishing beauty in sections) but also one that fully serves the libretto.
    The Teatro Real’s video company, Palco Digital, will transmit the February 6th performance live on its website (I’m not sure if it is free or paid – please see Palco’s website for more information}:

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